Complicated? Me?

I'm totally dateable *nervous laughs* Yep, nothing wrong with this all! This is the Flow Chart To My Heart which strangely looks exactly like something Mason drew at school the other day. I think it was "Scotty" throwing sand in his eyes or something like that, but it looks strangely similar to my flow chart.

DISCLAIMER: I added the above picture to this post for aesthetic reasons only. I repeat - only for unless you are an eagle or have super-power nerd glasses, I suggest you do not even attempt to read that crap. Since I am so nice I have included a link to the bigger one for all you visually impaired people, the elderly and bats, because we all know that bats can't see *nervous laugh*

flow chart

PS - I spelt chart as "cheart" like every time I typed it in this post. That means a) I am exhausted b) a little dumb c) will be embarrassed if I don't use spellcheck this time.

PPS - Spellcheck RULES!!

PPPS - Don't be sad if you fail, we can probably still makeout? :/

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Hello..this is my blog. I bought this fancy theme and I don't know what to write here just yet. Maybe one day remind me I have to write something inspiring here?


  1. Just goes to show that feelings are pretty complicated beasts !

    Kudos to you for understanding yours.

  2. You'll only date me if I'm paying. How old fashioned!

    Hehe, I like how you require occasional smoking, but not non-smokers or frequent smokers. Only that middle ground will do.

  3. Louise - Thanks!

    Phronk - Hey I got if you're paying on yours too!! Must be accurate? lol

    I figured I should give the smokers the benefit of the doubt - I lived with a smoker for years, and it was TERRIBLE!! I don't mind the occasional cig, but the person would have to expect mucho lectures about it >:) I felt like I was being really picky with my answers, but I guess you are expected to be on a site like that? :/