The Bully Strikes Again!!

My child either has a huge bully target on his back, or he is just an annoying pain in the ass in the bully word, either way, it totally sucks to be him at daycare lately. I'm sure you all remember his little friend "Scotty". Well "Scotty" wasn't the first bully in the daycare, in fact he's not even the biggest or meanest bully, but he is a bully.

The biggest and meanest bully I will hereby name "Jerkface Kid" or JK (which totally could have been JFK but I didn't think that was very appropriate). JK has been a pain in my ass way before "Scotty" ever was. So picture "Scotty", now picture someone 5 times his size, with an annoying/whiny voice, that is JK. I often see JK and his parents out in public and JK's dad always looks at my boobs - but that is a different story.

JK has been picking on my kid since he was 2 years old - freakin 2! He started off biting, and punching and kicking, name calling and now pushing. In fact, it got so bad, they had to separate JK and M. I think it was because my mom told M. to punch JK in the face (she made a point to teach him to punch right between the upper lip and nose). Imagine how horrified I was when M excitedly ran up to JK and said "Guess what JK, my grammy told me to punch you in the nose and mouth like this..." and then demonstrated on himself. Ughhhhh....

About a month ago, JK's dad left him alone in the car, and I told on them (insert evil grin here) because a) it's totally illegal and b) it's totally wrong! I thought it was over, I had my revenge! Even though it wasn't much of a revenge, it made me feel better that his parents got a stern lecture about leaving children unattended.

Fast forward to yesterday. I picked up M. at daycare and as we were leaving the parking lot, he whips down his shirt and shows me this:
I have never SEEN such a thing! I thought it was a burn at first, but he nonchalantly told me "JK pushed me out of the pool at swim time and I fell and bled". Look at that thing! It had to hurt. I can't even imagine how you fall and land on your shoulder, leave it to my kid I guess. What baffled me though was that nobody said a word about it when I picked him up - nothing at all. It was too late to turn back so I figured I would deal with things in the morning.
I went in this morning, ready for a war. I know, I know kids get hurt, but why is JK in M's class again? Turns out the teacher who witnessed it told me everything and also told me that she sent him home. I couldn't believe they sent him home, but they did - apparently. She promised me this was JK's last week (oh boohoo) and that she would keep them separated.
I honestly don't know what it is between those two, they just never could be friends. When we saw JK and his family in public though M always gets so excited. I would shit my pants if I saw the kid that hurt me all the time, apparently M likes the torture.

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  1. Wow, good for the teacher sending that kid home. That sort of action is so unheard of these days! I'm glad that bully is leaving. One down 4 gazillion to go...