Back To School Memories...

Mason's very first day of Kindergarten is coming up in a few weeks. He seems to be pretty cool about it, but if there is one thing I know about my child, his mood can change in an instant. To get a feel of how our first week of hell school will be, I decided to ask him how he was feeling about his first day.

Wasn't I surprised to hear that he was actually excited about beginning school. School for me was always a bit of a struggle. I don't remember my first day of Kindergarten, but I'm sure it was hell. The only thing I remember at that age was the older kid that ate my lunch on the bus everyday and the day that I lost my clip-on penguin in the classroom and missed my bus home.

I remember many first days of school. I remember going to school dressed in my new clothes that were always way too hot for that day, because my mom was very thrifty and would buy clothes that would last for the entire fall/winter season. She never took into consideration that it would be 800 degrees on the first day of school. I loved having everything new on that first day, but it never took long for me to get bored and doodle on my pencil case. One year I drew diamond shapes over the whole entire pencil case out of a) boredom b)insanity who knows, it looked pretty awesome when it was finished though.

I was never really a fan of school. Sometimes it was okay, and some grades I really enjoyed, but for the most part it was just such a stressor in my life. My peers were usually okay, but there were always those kids who:
  • Are insanely smarter than you.

  • Have more money than you.

  • Are better looking

  • Have nicer clothes

  • Are lucky to have bigger boobs than you

  • Have a more extensive POG collection than you do (don't laugh - it totally happened).
and as much as we hate to remember:
  • There will always be that boy who didn't like you back

  • There will always be that boy you wanted to punch in the braces

  • There will always be the semester you ate lunch in the stairwell because you hated the city your mom made you move to (not to mention you had no idea where the cafeteria was!)

  • Having to dissect a frog in science class

or maybe you even had:
  • The smelly kid with a temper problem

  • The pregnant girl who made your parents a lot more strict about boys

  • The boy that hung himself, even though you didn't know him personally, his name always stuck with you for some reason
A lot of these experiences will shape who you are, and it's a good thing. But these are all issues when I was in school. Today's issues seem a little more serious with gangs, guns, bullies and a-hole kids. It scares the crap out of me to know that my little baby, the one I always tried to rush into things like walking, potty training and talking, and now I just wish he would slow down, although I do look forward to hearing his stories about the smelly kid with the temper problem. I wonder how smelly guy is doing these days?

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