Archive Mondays: March 18, 2003


March 18, 2003 - "Beauty and the Beast" (...and the title had nothing to do with the post at all....go figure!):
Well I had the most f**ked up dream last night! Please note: *********THIS IS A DREAM!*********I was in Wal-mart and I stole a bar of soap and walked out...well the ringy things at the door started beeping and the wal-mart greeter (who was nice when I walked in) turned out to be a real prick and dragged me off to this room where these big police men said that they were going to check the survailance(sp?) videos. They came back and said they couldn't find the video, but they were still going to cut my throat anyway for stealing. Then this big ogre came out with a big sword (he looked like the guy off Harry Potter) and he started taunting me telling me how he's going to cut my throat and stuff....I was so scared and I tried talking my way out of it and I happened to mention that I took it by accident since it was the only thing I was going to buy. Well then they all said oh, okay and let me go. The ogre nicked my neck with his sword though and it was bleeding a lot so he felt bad and came home with me. Then the ogre felt so bad that he stabbed himself through his neck and I was so sad because he was my friend. Weird eh?***End Dream***

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  1. WOW..someone was into the sour milk that night. Almost as bad as my Tom Cruise dream where we took a meeting so he could star in my 'Hello Kitty' movie. They say all dreams have a basis in reality. If that is so you got worries...LOL.

  2. LOL ...omg you had a Tom Cruise/Hello Kitty dream too?? I think I did before...maybe they weren't in the same dream, but that would be pretty awesome!