20 again...

My sissy came for a visit this weekend, and it was super duper fun! I've never actually drank with my sister before, and if we were to get into some weird macho drinking contest (do girls do that sort of thing?) she would totally win - but that's cool because I am okay with the fact that I am not 20 years old anymore, but I'm not 30 yet either so I have that going for me I guess...sorry to the 30 year olds, but face it, you are probably more exciting than me anyway so feel free to punch my face.

Anyway, back to my sister visiting...it was fantastic fun! I picked her up at the Greyhound station on Friday night where an old man totally tried to steal my parking spot. I don't think I will ever forget that, it's just one of those moments that stick in your brain. Old dude in the beat up Jimmy has totally ruined that parking lot for me because now when I drive through there I will think "Yep, this is the spot where old dude tried to steal my spot".

From the Greyhound station we dropped off Mr. M with the babysitter and made our way over to martini night where we met up with my bestest twitter friends (well except for John Mayer - oh and David Duchovny, if he had a Twitter account). We ended up staying out really really late and having a super time.
Saturday we went to Old Navy to get some $2 tank tops and $25 jeans (that came with holes pre-made) and we saw my friend POOP!!!! Then we picked up M., and on the way I happened to remember that it was t-ball awards day. Shit. Total mom fail. So I picked up my dirty kid, with no uniform, and ran him over to the t-ball awards. Of course we missed it all so I had to stage up some acceptance photos and feel like a piece of crap mother for the rest of the day.

....I just noticed that he is wearing a basketball t-shirt to a t-ball awards ceremony - my bad! I can't think of everything after I realized he was missing the awards! He's lucky he even had a shirt on with the way my brain has been working lately!
(and now there are two creepy trophies! It looks like 2009 trophy is saying to 2008 trophy "I am going to beat you with my plastic bronzed bat when you go to sleep tonight" - extra creepy!)
Then I cooked a meal for sister and M. They enjoyed it - either that or they were just being nice. Then Sister and I went to see The Time Traveller's Wife at the VIP theatre, which was an okay movie, but I still don't get it. Sometimes I don't get jokes right away and five minutes later when I'm at work or in church or something I will crack up about penis jokes I heard earlier that day, just because I'm slow like that I guess. What I'm trying to get at here is that the movie totally confused me before I saw it, and then after I saw it, I WAS STILL CONFUSED!!! If anyone cares to explain to me what is going on, please do, or don't, I don't care.

So then we went to pick up M, but he was asleep so the babysitter (nana) decided to keep him overnight. By the time we got home it was pretty late, but why waste time when you are 20 and can be drinking your face off right? So we went to a creepy old people with no teeth bar that had a pretty decent band who was playing songs that we actually knew.

The weirdest thing was, on the way to this dumpy bar (which was totally charming in a way) we saw GHOST BOY!!! I will have to explain to you the story of ghost boy at another time, but first I must do more research into the subject, without pooping my pants out of fear or having my house become haunted. Then even weirder, when we were coming home, ghost boy was STILL THERE!!!

So then we freaked out and ran home. The next morning I drove sissy to the Greyhound station (and parked in "my spot" reminiscing about the old man in the Jimmy) and she was gone....but not before we had rude encounters with the Greyhound workers (what's the deal with their bitchiness anyway??) and me snapping a few creepy stalker pics!

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  1. It was indeed good times!

    Between those trophies and the continuing story of ghost boy, I don't think I'll be sleeping for a few nights.

  2. That is freaky. She looks like my sister. Is that an octopus tattoo?

  3. Phronk - It was! You have to seriously see Ghost Boy!! I would make a Gowalla spot for him but I'm afraid he will come out and haunt me :/

    Cal - That's funny! Maybe she is your sister too?? The tattoo is my niece's name..she has one on each wrist.