Three Bees, One Flower...

If you look really closely you will see three big fuzzy bees! Never in my life have I seen this many of the big fuzzy bees in one place! This wasn't all of them though, there were tons just devouring these "flowers" which I am told could actually be "pretty weeds". They make my front yard look amazing with the purple, white and yellow, they are just so tall!

I was under the impression that the big fuzzy bees could not sting. Imagine that, 28 years old and for this long I always thought these guys were too fat to sting (no, I am not lying). As it turns out, apparently they can sting and if I had of known that before I started taking these pictures, I probably would have ran away screaming as I do any other time I see a bee. Luckily these guys were much too busy drinking their pollen (or as it looked to me, humping the flowers).

I've never been stung by a bee...ever. I think that's why I'm so afraid of them, because I just don't know what it feels like, and that scares me. Kind of like having a baby, I actually don't really know what that feels like even though I have one. I was higher than a freakin kite *ahem* anywayyyyy....things that I have never experienced before scare me. Bees are scary.

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  1. Bees are evil. The first time I got stung by a bee was at the beach when I stepped on one, and I screamed like a little girl in front of my whole extended family. I think that traumatic experience made me dislike them forever.