The post where I say cryptic 13 times...

I am cryptic. Maybe it makes me interesting, maybe it makes me evil or maybe it just makes me downright rude, any way you feel about it, it's the way I am. Being cryptic isn't all so bad, as there are many different ways one can be cryptic.

I'm the uncomfortable cryptic, the one who says things but really means something else only because I am not comfortable saying/acting out how I really feel. It has it's downfalls and a lot of things have passed me by from being cryptic - heck I'm probably being cryptic right now! It's not a bad thing, this is just my way of protecting myself. I wasn't always this way, in fact I used to be a total opposite.

Then there is the annoying crpytic. Take for instance my neighbour. Today she came out bragging about how someone gave her a gift card for a grocery store. I pretended to be interested as I fumbled with my keys and did a fake "pee pee dance". Then she TRIED to be cryptic, but just came off as stupid as she stared longingly at my car (or Tina the Fat Whore as James calls it) and said "I wish I just knew where I could get a ride to the store".

I stared for a second, blinked and said turned around and said bye. You see, in a way this is good because I can never say no (which I probably shouldn't be sharing!). If someone asks me for something and I don't have a good reason to say no, I never do (which made me really popular in college - gahh I kid!!! Because she chose to be cryptic, I in turn was able to weasel my way out of not giving the a-hole a ride to the grocery store.

I know you guys are probably thinking I'm soooooooo EVIL, but the truth is, I did give her a ride to the grocery store before...and helped her do her photocopying, and she didn't even bother to thank me so now I have no problem with saying no.

Then there are the evil cryptics. The villains, the ones who want to be cryptic because they want you to struggle before you reach your goal. Kind of like the bad doll guy in those Saw movies. Maybe I am a little bit of an evil cryptic, except for the whole cutting off your own foot part...but these kind of cryptics can be a little bit romantic and mesmerizing. It's hard to get away from their antics and they are very intriguing...except for those doll guys, they are creepy.

Maybe I'm just reading too much into things, but being cryptic is really annoying when you feel you have to speed up your life to make up for the time you wasted while being in a depressed state. I'm going to try hard at not being so cryptic....I think :/

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  1. I think everyone is cryptic to some extent. There's a good reason for it - situations like the one with your neighbor, where you can both negotiate a tricky social situation in an indirect way, then save face if it ends up you weren't thinking the same thing.

    Or even more dramatically, in relationships, people gotta hold some cards close or it can lead to worse hurt feelings and embarrassment if two people aren't feeling the same towards each other.

    The psychologists Steven Pinker has talked about this a bit.

    I think I'm too non-cryptic and it sometimes turns people off or allows them to attempt to manipulate me. But meh, doesn't really matter. I like honesty.