Pilates are the devil, but it keeps you out of Depends

I had the morning of hell. Anything that could have went wrong, really did, which is actually a normal occurrence in my life, but that is a whooooole other story.

So after my dismal morning, the last thing I wanted to do was pelvic lunges and butt flings, but I figured what else could go wrong today? So I put it all aside, got dressed in my super-cute workout clothes and brushed my hair so it was super-pretty. Then there I was, in a small room with 5 of my co-workers, pelvic lunging and stretching muscles I didn't even know existed. To be honest, I was rockin pilates.

When she told us to raise our left leg, mine went up, when she told me to smoosh my face into the mat, I thought ehh, okay, sort of weird, but my face was smooshed, in fact I smooshied it into that mat more than anybody else in that room smooshed.

I was a champ at the cat position, I nailed the seal position...I'm telling ya, I was on fire!!

I was really into it and I felt like I knew everything, until the class was over and the instructor pulled me aside and told me not to worry, everybody has trouble coordinating their first class and that she hoped I would come back to the next class and not to be discouraged.

I suck.

My pelvis doesn't like you anymore pilates.

...but thanks for that tip on Depends. That was good to know for realz.

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  1. LOL... aww but the important thing is, YOU think you rock! I used to do pilates on DVD, so many akward bends and stretches and butt lift here, leg stretch there. I wouldn't be very comfortable doing it infront of a bunch of people.
    When I first started reading this post, I was expecting a stretch-induced body-release. Glad it wasn't.

  2. haha I just bought a pilates DVD but I admit I have troubles to do all their stretches and stuff. not that it's actually a real problem, it's just that I'm a lazy ass haha
    i should really work out though