Marriage Proposals...

A co-worker of mine became engaged over the weekend. I mean, she kind of expected it but didn't really...know what I mean? They had gone ring shopping a couple weeks ago and he pulled the old "can't afford it right now" trick and now two weeks later she got a proposal in a big hill of sand.

Yes, you read that correctly, he proposed on a huge sand hill. Which got me thinking, marriage proposal ideas must be getting pretty scarce because even to me that doesn't sound that out there. In fact, I think it may have been done already.

You have the billboard proposals, the scoreboard proposals at a sports game or event, the shaving "will you marry me" into your head, sky diving, writing it in sand, at a fancy restaurant, at a not-so-fancy restaurant, during sex, not during get it, right? I mean these have all been done before. Go ahead and think of the craziest marriage proposal that you can and I'm pretty sure it's been done which means guys (and sometimes girls!) are under a lot of pressure to come up with that perfect marriage proposal...and I'm sure it's hard!

Maybe some of you don't mind not having your own ideas, in that case, I have done all the hard work for you to come up with a few ideas for your marriage proposal:

Cutting yourself and painting your proposal on a rock is a great idea (if you are a psychopath)
Just don't burn down her house, okay?

Hey, why not!

Mario Luvs you lots.

Nothing says I love you like Donald Trump hair. *swoon*


Just as he goes to get down on one knee, Jaws gobbled him up. Maybe he should have went with the whole blood on the rock thing instead.

Wow. I bet that would cover a whole trailer.

Whoa, I would totallly marry this guy. You know what they say about big green light sabers?? *ahem*

Twitter proposals are hot.

So is ya like how I lead up to that one...hahaha

This is always awesome.

...unless this happens!
WHAT IF SHE SAYS NO??? HUH??? Dude will have to cut off his arm! Geez!

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  1. I'm gonna ask her to marry me in a reply to a status update on Facebook. It's so lame it's daring!

  2. Ohhh that's a good one...but shhhh you don't want anyone to steal your idea. Then you will have to do a reply to a reply or even a reply to a reply to a reply ;)

  3. LOL thanks for making my morning at work so enjoyable...
    I like the candle light over the balcony idea but it's really overdone. I can't even imagine how I would like to be proposed. I want something completely sweet and romantic that would bring tears to my eyes. Maybe something like, "baby, I won the $60 million jackpot, will u marry me?" ok I am just dreaming right now