Justin Timberlake, this is where I laugh in your face!

http://ca.dating.personals.yahoo.com/singles/gettingstarted/9872/justin-timberlakes-dating-dos-and-donts/ Brought to you by the wonderful folks over at Yahoo Personals, home of 59 year old men posing as 30 year olds until you meet them in person and they are hairy and old...no personal experience, but I've heard things....THINGS..

Justin Timberlake wants all us pathetic single girls to know just how to hook the man of our dreams because these tips sure as hell worked for him. Learning the do's and dont's of dating from Justin Timberlake would be like taking the "how not to suck at life" course from Lindsay Lohan.

The boy can sing, he can dance, but he dates like a fool (as seen here in exhibit A, exhibit B and exhibit C). but wow...dating tips from a celebrity...I got chills. So I clicked the link...and I got a wee bit stupider.

My favourite had to be #3 "Be Natural". So apparently JT likes him some smellies!

...but who am I to judge, in fact, I could probably use all the dating tips I can get, you just have to realize where the source is. I imagine if I started following this I would be wearing dirty Hello Kitty shirts and have smelly arm pits everyday, not to mention start bum rushing celebrities (because I so want to do that - you know, because they are gods and all).
PS - I have a crush on Justin Timberlake - haha just kidding!
PPS - I have never been on Yahoo Personals, but I have heard things.
PPPS - Jessica Biel stinks.

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  1. JT's overly straight horizontal hairline annoys me

  2. Jessica Biel seriously does seem like she'd have nasty BO a lot of the time.

    I imagine how celebrities smell. All the time.

    I think JT wrote that article in 5 minutes.

  3. I was going to say I doubt he even wrote it..but nahhh..it's dumb enough, it fits his personality haha