Even a hamster can use an iPhone!

Technology is amazing. Seriously though, to make it so a hamster can make a telephone call, check his e-mail, look at hamster porn...incredible.

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have noticed that this afternoon I was very busy conducting some scientific experiments on my iPhone.

Long story short, a list of items that would let you use the touch screen on the iPhone was conducted and the results were very interesting:

Orange (as tested previously) - Yes
Cherry - Yes
Pear - Yes (with difficulty)
Little rubber finger tip thingy - No
Freezie (frozen) - No
Freezie (melted) - Yes
Roxy's paw - Yes
Tongue (thanks Karolijn!) - Yes
(if you are super nerdy or just want to know how it works, check out this article!)
...and then when I got home, the best experiment of them all:

Hamster - YES!!!

Hamsters could rule the world with this kind of technology, that is if they didn't have brains the size of a tic-tac. You know what, I take that back, Junior is pretty smart. One time he escaped and I was building a booby trap (via staircase made of old VHS movies) in the basement to catch him and just as I was putting up the final step, I looked up and he was watching me build the stairs!

Actually I take that back again, I had a hamster (who oddly enough looked identical to Junior) when I was in grade 7 and he went into the furnace grate thingy and died and was really smelly for a few days before we found him all puffed up.

Imagine hamsters with little weapons or like zombie hamsters. Yeah zombie hamsters that come up out of the ground and start dancing to Thriller. Oh the possibilities are endless with hamsters.

I think I will now make this a a hamster blog. It will be fun.

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  1. BAHHHH~~ THat is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your post put a huge smile on my face.. awww. awww... haha it's like Pinky and the brain. "what are we doing tongiht?""saMe thing we do every night, try and take over the world!"

  2. Hehe, that really is the cutest video ever! It just made my day, seriously.

    You should start a new blog about what objects and animals will work an iPhone. Sorta like "will it blend?", except with an iPhone, and not blending. I really want to know if hippos can use touch screens.

  3. Glad you guys liked it!

    Phronk- That would be totally cool!! A little scary of the things that could be tested on an iphone though..I don't know if I want to subject my screen to such abuse ;)