Catch of the day...

I missed him too much, so I drove an hour away to find him and hang out with him for the day and do "camping things". It was a lot of fun, but I'm a little sad that I left the guy there until Tuesday. I honestly think I needed this break, but missing him is HARD.

We started off in the pool, and the whole time that I watched him act like one of the big boys, it made me wish that he would want to come home more and more. He was swimming like a champ, I really need to do that with him more often becuase he really enjoys swimming and the lessons have really paid off.

Then we went fishing and he caught his very first fish! It was such a surreal moment. I mean, I've taken him fishing before but we never caught anything. The first time we went he ended up knee-deep in sinking mud at the side of the Thames River. The second time I decided to play it safe and took him to a trout farm - and we still didn't catch anything. You should have seen the look on his was priceless.
...his second fish looked a little bit like a mutant, but who's judging. He seems to think that these fish will be coming back to London with him so he can give them to his daycare teacher (because "Scotty" killed her fish).
Then I ruined the whole day by catching the biggest fish of 45 pound son on a hook with a huge juicy worm on it. I told him to stand back as I yanked the snagged line from the bushes. Wouldn't you know it, the hook came flying out of the bush at "ludicrous" speed and hooked my child in the neck (with the worm still wiggling on the end).
Luckily it wasn't too deep and it didn't bleed, but I can only imagine how traumatizing having a hook (and a worm) in your neck actually is, so Mason ran into a bush which I could only assume was poison ivy (because girls know that every bush is poison ivy), am I right?

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