Lonely cart..

It's so strange going grocery shopping alone. I'm so used to having a little person hanging right on the end of this cart. He usually asks for everything and I am constantly having to tell him no. I'm really not that mean, it's just that his idea of good food and my idea of good food are pretty different. Of course he would like to eat chocolate bars for dinner, actually I kind of would like that too, but as a mom, it's just not allowed.
Tonight was so strange for me. Shopping by myself, expecting my child to throw a tantrum over a big bag of sugar candies any second, but it didn't happen. I can't even remember the last time I went grocery shopping without a kid in tow.
The funny thing is, when he wasn't there to pick out junk food, I ended up picking it out for him because I miss him. Lots. It's crazy. I know he's having fun, and this break was needed majorly for both of us, but I'm ready to have him back and feed him the junk food I bought.

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