Yesterday I packed up my baby and sent him to a big scary trailer with his grandma and aunt and cousin and a bunch of skateboarding teenagers. Remember how I really needed a break? Well my message was heard and he was whisked away to have a fun weekend of camping and fishing and maybe some broken bones or something when he tries a skateboard trick (yes, I worry).

I looked forward to a weekend which would not include the following in my vocabulary:

  • No
  • Don't touch that
  • Leave it
  • Wash your hands
  • Wash your face
  • Wipe your feet
  • Get your fingers out of your mouth
  • Stop eating that
  • No licking
  • Pick up your Hot Wheels
  • Put it away
  • Ear wax is not a garnish
...just to name a few.
After last night, I am sort of regretting my decision. The house was quiet, way too quiet. I haven't said a word since my friend dropped me off last night at 8:30pm so I am wondering if my voice actually works. Last night was rough. Not having that little body sneak into my bed and kick me repeatedly was just weird and by 2:30 I couldn't handle it anymore - I needed to be kicked!
I tried to get some more sleep, but it just wasn't happening so I decided to go on Twitter for a bit and then I heard a noise that sounded suspiciously like a burglar so I decided to stay awake until the sun came up at 6:30. The last time I stayed awake until the sun came up was the time I was at my grandma's house and I swear I saw Freddy Krueger under her bed...claw and all. You try sleeping after seeing that!
So it is now noon, I am still in my pyjamas underwear and thinking of getting into a hardcore game of Sims 3 to pass the time of being alone - until I hear a burglar and start hiding kitchen knives around the house.
PS - I was just thinking, if you are a burglar and you are reading this and you happen to know where I live, please do not come to burgle me today - I'm scared.

PPS - Burglars beware, I am now hiding knives.

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  1. Should you ever be left alone again, such pop us an email and we'd be happy to "cyber" kick ya...LOL

  2. It always weirds me out, too, when I work from home and go an entire day without saying anything out loud to anyone. Just so much silence, for a whole day. No wonder people get roommates and girlfriends and junk.