Why I am lucky to be his mom...

Because I get the best Mother's Day presents ever.
This year I got a cute little flower pot with some sort of mystery plant growing in it. I watered it daily killed it within two weeks days, which is actually really good for me as it made it into the house without me tripping up the stairs and the little precious pot smashing to a zillion pieces. Let's just say I do not have a green thumb and two left feet. My plan is to replace it with a fake plant before he notices. I am totally eyeing one of the aquarium plants as I type this and I think I can pull it off.

Because he has the most infectious laugh ever.
He has this sort of giggling/gasping for air thing that he does when he laughs, it is extremely adorable and highly infectious. His laugh can make you smile from ear to ear. Of course he laughs like an old monk, and that could very well be because of his asthma and might be something else for me to worry about in the future, but for now it is the cutest thing ever. You know when someone is tickling you and they won't stop until you pee but until then, and before it gets all awkward because of the piss, you do that laugh that is like huh huh huh...you know because you can't breath....man I hate when people make you pee your pants.

Because his love is unconditional, forgiving and understanding
I'm still surprised that he forgave me for the time I dropped the bookshelf on his ankle and made it bleed and then make him walk the rest of the way home on the same ankle because I had my hands full with the bookshelf and he totally ignores me all the times when I tell him I am this close to shipping him off to China. Not to mention all the times when he has seen me at my worst and never mentions it to anyone, but he does tell the teacher about the time I knelt in cat shit in the backyard - go figure.

Because he knows the words to "Step by Step" and that just makes him awesome.
He even does the voices for "Step One....". He's got talent I tell ya.

Because when I tell him it's not a good idea that he sleeps in my bed anymore because I steal all the covers and kick the crap outta him, (but really it's because he pees on me) he simply says "I don't care, I sleep here because I love you".
...and then my heart melts into a big blob of goo and all those mornings waking up covered in someone else's urine doesn't really matter as much anymore.
Because he is so innocent, he loves everyone he meets and he doesn't have an ounce of hate in his body.
Except for that one time when the bunny bit him and he told me we should let the bunny out on the road so he would get run over by a car. That was a little disturbing. He was totally kidding, I think.

Because he is rich.
If this boy has $10, he is all of a sudden the king of the world. He has no idea as to the value of money, but whenever he does get money all he wants to do is spend it on his friends - but never his mom...go figure!

Because he finished potty training early.
I think I am most grateful that my child was only 2 when he started crapping on the can. Why? Because I find poop repulsive (although the word is hilarious!)

Because he can burp louder than anybody I have ever met.
No kidding. He can let them rip and if there were a contest for burping I am very confident he would take home top prize. The best part of it all, he follows up a big loud belch with "oh, excuse me" afterwards.

Because he makes me feel special.
I could tell him that we are going to be going to visit a manure factory all day long and he would be all for it as long as I'm there with him.

Because even though he lost his father when he was only 15 months old, he is becoming such a gentleman like his father was.
This was something I always worried about. How was I going to teach him how to be a gentleman, or even how to use a urinal (which I still don't know how that all goes down). As it turns out, he is learning this on his own at his own pace and it is working. Next thing to worry about, puberty.

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  1. K..that just broke my heart in the best way. Hold onto these moments because they will never come this way again.