RIP Benny (03/02/09 - 06/29/09)

Benny was more than just a car to me, he was my first car. He was a dream I had for a very long time. I mean, have you ever wanted something so SO bad that it was the only thing on your mind and you did crazy things and worked really really hard to have it all come together?

Benny was my dream. I can't think of a time where I fought harder for something and stood up for what I believed in, for the very first time (it's all been downhill since then, Benny made me a changed woman!).

Then one day, he was home in my driveway, where he belonged (and yes, we are still talkign about a car here!). I was SO proud. At that point I still was not allowed to legally drive him on my own, but the fact that there was now proof that I fought hard and I won the battle sitting right there in my driveway. It was there that he earned the name Benny, after a Elton John song, mostly because I just pictured myself cruising with the windows rolled down (manually) listening to Benny and the Jets. I don't know why, but it just stuck.

Soon he was plated and I was able to drive him with people who were not afraid to drive with me. Benny had a handle they could hold on to in front of them so I think that helped to ease their minds...a little. We had some excellent adventures but the real fun came once I was able to drive him all by myself.

Benny did have some downfalls like the times we almost broke down while going up hills (Benny was never really one for hills) and the fact that I couldn't fit my Goodwill finds in the back seat without smooshing - well you know what.

I was really just getting to know his "quirks" when from out of nowhere, Devil Deer ruined it all for us. Honestly, I am really lucky, it could have been a whole lot worse, but unfortunate for Benny, as of this morning his time has come and he is now in the hands of...I honestly don't know whose hands he is in but I have been in a funk all day about it.

I didn't cry at all throughout this whole ordeal until I had to sign this:

..and then it was hard, not because I am now officially car-less, but because it was such a long battle and I fought so hard for it and it was all taken back in an instant. Kind of makes things seem like a waste now.

I know this all seems silly, but even crazy girls need something to write about, and this just hasn't left my mind since it happened. Maybe, just maybe, one day Volkswagen will take pity on me and give me a brand new What if I said please? Forget it...I refuse to beg..
PS - That is not true
PPS - I do take donations
PPPS - I really love Beetles. (and by that I mean the car, not the bugs because if I liked the bugs then that would be weird).

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  1. Hahaha not crazy at all!! I had a BMW when I was 16 when I totalled it, I made a little shrine for it in my room.

  2. Yes, but what about Beatles?