Michael Jackson

I can't believe how much his death has affected me. I was just commenting this morning how I know I am getting older because celebrities I knew as I was growing up are starting to die off (which was all stemmed from the news of Farrah Fawcett dying) and then this afternoon another icon of my past, gone way too soon.

I mean, my Barbie used to make out with his Barbie all the time. I hated Thriller because the video scared the crap outta me, but Billie Jean, heck my ringtone was even The Way You Make Me Feel for the longest time!

Of course he was known as wacko, and sure - maybe he was just a little wacky, I mean aren't we all? To be honest, I have always felt a little sorry for him. Not sorry that he was super-rich and had the means to do all the wacky stuff, but sorry for him in a way that he never got a proper childhood. He was SO young when he began his career and he worked very very hard to get to where he was. I'm not excusing him for any wrongdoings, but give the guy a break! It breaks my heart to google his name and find 80% of his pictures are comics of his nose falling off.
I don't want to start some sort of debate about all of this - just my respects. I don't know the whole story, I just know that he was a legend. He was the King of Pop and he wore one sparkly glove and an awesome red leather jacket and I thought that was pretty damn cool.
RIP Michael Jackson.

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