Keyboard Cat is my new boyfriend...

For having clips like this, I have decided that Keyboard Cat and I will run away and be married as soon as possible. There will be Vegas, some Elvis impersonators and a gorilla at our wedding and lots and lots of treadmills where you can make your own Keyboard Cat video just like this one that I absolutely adore.

Seriously, I haven't laughed this hard in like 2 weeks..I swear.

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  1. I am convinced that there is NOTHING that Keyboard Cat CAN'T do or no situation that he can't make better. The other day I saw a kid who was running through the grocery store take a huge wipeout. From the checkout line where I saw that I said "Play him off Keyboard Cat" and the guy behind me started laughing because he got the reference. It was one of my proudest moments.

  2. Wow, that is funny.