Deer vs.Beetle

This is Benny.

Benny had a bad night.

This is the fur of Bambi's Mom.

She had a bad night too.

I'm not gonna lie, I NEVER expected anything like this to happen to me. I mean, I do have bad luck, but this to a car that has already been plagued with my bad luck? Impossible.
I'll give you the short but sweet version. I will spare you the deer jokes, there have been tons of those all weekend and now I'm dealing with the mess that Mrs. Bambi left behind.
So we're driving along, headed to the NKOTB concert in Toronto. I think we were actually listening to NKOTB, and I'm sure I was singing along (badly) and all of a sudden I was all like Step-by-Ste-HOLY CRAP A DEER'S FACE IN MY WINDOW and then a sickening thud.
Honestly, I thought the car was okay. I didn't see any damage and I didn't see the deer (who most likely ran away), but in mid-panic I decided to pull over and check the damage. So I got out on this dark, deserted highway and had a hairy canary when I noticed my mirror was gone, even more so when I noticed the big chunk of deer that was hanging off the "mirror stub" and the huge dent. I tried to open the door to get my friend to come check it out but she was all like no you moron, get in and let's go. I wanted my mirror back but it was way down the road somewhere in the complete darkness...besides I wouldn't want the deer to come back and this to happen to me (by the way, do you guys think that deer was only trying to rape that guy and not hurt him? I thought he was just looking to get some if you ask me...).
So basically, all the damage is on the passenger side. The deer tried to either jump or run into my car (suicidal much?) and didn't quite make it. I'm sure it was sore after that, but it was totally gone when I looked back.
It really could have been A LOT worse. I just shudder to think of what would have happened if the deer had antlers, if I had hit it head on and lost control or if the car wouldn't drive after that.
I've decided I will never drive to Toronto again...EVER.

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  1. It's fairly common to hit deer where I grew up. But this sort of thing rarely happens if you drive on the 401 ;)

  2. Although I am glad that you are ok and nothing worse happened you might want to consider that this was some form of cruel punishment for attending the NKOTB concert.

  3. Oo u poor girl!!! I hope everyone was ok and not too startled. That was definitely a scene from Bambi. *tear* If you need a replacement cr while urs is in the fix, let me know I work for Thrifty's I'll get u a deal oir set u up with your insurance

  4. It's worth the drive to T.O. Aww, that must have been so scary, I was involved in a little deer hit and run a few years ago, the deer didn't get too hurt but her fur was all underneath the bumper of my dad's car. Hopefully insurance will fix it?

  5. Thats what you get for going to a NKOTB concert...just saying...those guys are evile!

  6. Thanks guys...the insurance adjuster person who came out is "interested in fixing" the car...we'll see what happens next. :/

  7. I'm very sorry about the damage to your vehicle and any trauma that you may have experienced, but
    "the mess that Mrs. Bambi left behind" which consisted of a "big chunk of deer" has me feeling slightly more sorry for Mrs. Bambi.