Ard SalB

Okay so his writing skills are still a little bit...shall we say lacking. The kid is an awesome salesman though.

We put up some ads on Kijiji today. Getting off topic here for a minute as I usually do, can I just say I hate about 70% of Kijiji shoppers. You put up an ad for something you paid $200 for a month ago and list it as $50 (firm) and you get jack-asses who reply, "will you take $10" the second after the ad becomes active.

Back to what I was saying, so we put a bunch of Mason's old toys on Kijiji. I put something like 20 ads on and within 1 hour of posting these ads almost half the things were sold. I swear, people would think my house was the crack house on the street with the activity that went on here today.

Mason took this very seriously and when random people came to pick up their treasures, he totally pressured them to buy more! He was like that creepy salesman at Future Shop who wouldn't let me leave until I bought a warranty that covers everything including dropping the camera in elephant poop (I asked). As they were pulling away he was yelling down the street "Tell your friends to come back, this is ____ (blanked out to protect us from the creepers!)street and do you know what number my house is, it's _____".

...and what I originally thought was annoying...totally worked because the kid made $75 today just selling old crap that was in our basement and garage. Stuff that he hadn't even thought about playing with until it drove off down the street, which then he would admit, "I really miss my Thomas mountain playset". The same Thomas mountain playset that sat untouched for 6 freaking months.

I told him that if he lets me sell his old toys like this then we could take a trip somewhere for a day. You'll never guess where he picked?

I know it's the commercial that got to him...he loves that commercial. Even when he was a baby, his little chubby legs would go flailing around whenever it came on. Actually I remember the same commercials when I was a kid, but I didn't have chubby legs and I didn't get excited about many things. Still, I have never been to Marineland, in fact, I'm not even entirely sure where it is or what it involves.

I just have to say this, if a whale touches me I have no problem punching its face. Don't get me wrong, I love animals. I just don't love animals that can eat me whole in one giant gulp. Ever watch Pinocchio? I'm sorry I can't swim, I don't like dying and I honestly don't believe that fire could work in the stomach of a whale...but that's just me.
...and for the record, let's just say that the last thing I would be doing in the belly of a whale is my laundry. Unless I crapped my pants. That could be awkward.

So I guess we may be going to Marineland sometime this summer....and no I won't be touching any whales.

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  1. Congrats to the little salesman!

    Good luck at Marineland-sounds like it could get interesting!