Where do babies come from?

The question finally came...I mean, I knew it was coming eventually but did it have to be today? After swimming lessons, Mason and I were sitting down to dinner when he began to tell me about his day.

He told me about the kid that threw sand in his hair, the kid that peed his pants and that his teacher is having a baby. Then it happened, with a mouth full of cheeseburger, "Mom, how do babies get in the mommy's tummy?". Dumbfounded, of course I stumbled for an answer....they...uhhh...ummmm.

After he got tired of waiting for me to give him the answer, he so innocently answered his own question, "I know, the mommies eat them!". So now I'm trying not to laugh, but still think the proper motherly thing to do would be to offer some sort of guidance. I figured the best way to answer his question properly would be to put someone else on the spot....

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