Proud Step-Momma...

So I've sort of adopted 3 (maybe 4) little baby cardinals. Well sort of...their mom chases me away when she comes back to the nest, but I'm helping, honestly!

Every morning I check on my little pre-feather friends, just making sure nobody flew the coop...or tumbled out of the nest, whichever you prefer. Every evening I check on them, much to the dismay of their mom and father who I can hear squawking away in the background. I just know they're saying "Imagine the nerve of this lady trying to steal our kids from right under our beaks"...either that or they like my nail polish...whatever.

I mean, I don't know what their problem is, sometimes I wish I had another mom around to help raise Mason. You know, for those times when he almost rode his bike on the road and got hit by a car or the time when he fell while running with his hands in his pockets, sometimes it's good to have a second set of eyes.

Today I noticed that my little birdlings are growing up *sniff* Soon they will be asking to borrow my car and going off to college to get a degree in...I don't know, Worm Picking or How To Be A Noisy Bastard 101. While off at college, I am sure they will learn how to shit in the most perfect spot on my car because we all know that takes talent right? I miss 'em already *sniff*

Saturday - Pre feathers and in need of a face lift.

Today - Just chillin in the nest, waiting for their momma to come home to spit some worm guts in their mouth after a afternoon thunderstorm.

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