If a mutant coyote-wolf comes into my yard I am going to punch its face...

I worry a lot, just ask my mom - or my mechanic. Reading the newspaper always sends me into a frenzy of worry fits which makes my mind wander and come up with some pretty crazy things that could possibly happen to somebody I know.

Take for instance a story in yesterday's London Free Press: "Londoner swears he spotted a wolf in his yard". Kind of funny because I just found a coyote on my phone. It just so happens this is just a few blocks from me, and as much as I try not to worry, I couldn't help but imagine Mason being attacked by one of these mutant wolves in our backyard. Kind of scary to think these animals are in territory that they have no business being in. I mean, urban life is as dangerous for these creatures as it is for our children and pets, but what can be done about it?

When I was a kid, I used to love going to my aunt's farm. Visiting with cousins, running on hay bales, riding dirt bikes and catching hundreds of baby toads that littered the long gravel road for what seemed for forever. I absolutely loved it, until night time came, then I would always get a little nervous.

I was always happy to return to the city, not just because the country smelled like manure and had pot holes as deep as my arm, but because when it was dark in the country you could hear, and sometimes even see the coyotes. Something about their scraggled look and desperation for food made them very scary.

As it turns out, coyotes are usually afraid of adults but love them some small children and pets. The problem is, coyotes are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of co-habiting with humans because we feed them - sometimes intentionally and sometimes accidentally through our garbage habits and feral animals. Basically they have learned to live with us and adapt as we are taking over their area, creating new ways for them to survive and some of us are even befriending these creatures by feeding them intentionally. We caused this to happen and now we have to be afraid for our small children and pets.

I mean this is just one "sighting" but for someone like me, an avid worrier, I had to look into it a bit more and learn how to keep my family safe. So after doing a bit of research, I thought it would be a good idea to share what I've learned about our not-so-welcome friends:

  • Never leave small children unattended. A high fence flush to the ground will keep predators away.
  • Never attempt to befriend a wild animal as they are unpredictable, dangerous and could carry disease.
  • Keep your small pets supervised while outside and keep them indoors from dusk until dawn.
  • Be vigilant when walking your pets near parks, golf courses, open fields and other "wild" areas.
  • Never feed wild animals.
  • Keep garbage secure and do not leave pet food outside.
  • If you do find yourself confronted by a wild animal such as a coyote, yell, stomp your feet, look big and make sure to teach your children to do the same.
So, stay safe, don't feed the animals and punch their faces if they get too close - just don't tell PETA, K?

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