The Fatherly Instincts...

I took Mason to the park today with his "children" Bea and Monkey. It was his idea to tie his little wagon to the back of his bike. He tied it himself and he even managed to tie it in a way that it wouldn't interfere with the mechanism of the bike. I was pretty impressed, but more than that, I wondered where he got his fatherly instincts from.
His father passed away when he was 15 months old, months before that he was bed-ridden and very ill. Mason was much too young to remember how a father should act but here he was today pushing his "lovies" as high as he possibly could on the swing.

He was very gentle, loving and caring.... and he was fair.

All the qualities that his father never got to share with him before it was too late. It makes me sad to think of how they would be together at this age, but knowing that he knows how to be a good father is really comforting.

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