The bestest mom in the whole wide world...

Mason looked at me lovingly last night and said to me "Mom, you're the bestest mom in the whole wide world". Coming from a kid who thinks I am Satan with a camera, making him pose and smile "not so creepily", that really meant a lot.

Holding back tears, and after I melted into mush I said "aww honey, why do you think that?" To which he quickly replied "...because you fixed the TV for me"



Shit then.

I know kids say silly things like that all the time, but look at this drawing he did the other day.

(yes I know it would have been much easier to use a font rather than write with the paintbrush, but I was having fun and fonts looked too ritzy for this picture)
I have had enough evidence... I have been officially replaced by the television. I'm never making him shish kabobs again *stomps off*
PS - I'm just kidding - I love shish kabobs and they are easy to make.

PPS -Just kidding again, I love the TV too.

PPPS - But not in the summertime.

PPPPS - ...and not Jon and Kate Plus 8 *bleh*

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