You HAVE to be Proud of Me.

If not...leave now.

Just kidding...but really this deserves some kind of award or something. I'm telling ya, if I could give myself an award I totally would - for reals.


...and yes I did scream like a little girl, the snake ended up in the container for the joy of my child - a margarine container I'll have you know. He could have darted out and bit me at any given moment but I had the situation all under control.

In fact, I almost ran over this snake with my car, maybe I ran over his family or something, I still don't know why he was in my driveway but he was. I was sitting on the step and I saw a "worm" crawling up the step on the sidewalk. I pointed and laughed and told Mason to look at the worm. At that exact moment I realized it was a snake. So I did what any other insane ultra cool parent does, I got Mason's kiddy-sized rake and rounded the snake up. I screamed insanely told Mason to get a container to catch this snake (don't know what the fascination with catching it was).

First he came back with a Rubbermaid tote. Remember I mistook this snake for a freakin worm, it didn't need a mansion! So I sent him back. Meanwhile the snake curled up into attack position and was darting at me. Wrong move snake, because that just brought out my inner "Crocodile Hunter". I was all like Crikey look at him darting...he's a mad snake!

Mason finally came back with a container that was way too small and I managed to catch the now very irritated snake. Then the worst thing happened - he was given a name. "Slippy" he then became. "Slippy" was invited to sleep in Mason's bedroom and eat dinner with us that night. "Slippy" was also invited on a car ride to the grocery store, to which Mommy politely declined, no snakes allowed in my car thank you!

So "Slippy" became a prisoner pet for 24 hours. Strangest thing, somehow "Slippy" escaped today while Mason watched a cartoon. Hmm...wonder how that happened?? ;)

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