Tales of a Chocoholic...

Is there an AA for chocolate...and I'm not even kidding. My child has only eaten chocolate since Friday and frankly I'm starting to think I'm a bad mother. When it's not given to him, he steals it. Unfortunate for him he has not learned how to hide his choco-stache and it usually gives him away pretty quickly.

Everyone we met this weekend gave the child chocolate - and with the way my brain has been working lately I wonder if it's because they secretly hate me. This kid cannot handle chocolate, he goes INSANE. It kicks in within 5-10 minutes and he will literally bounce of the wall and speak in some sort of alien gibberish...which at times can be amusing, but when he's coming off this sugar high it is brutal. I had to drag all 54.6 pounds of him up my aunt's stairs this weekend...it was not fun.
It got even better when everyone was accusing me of ruining his Easter fun. I warned them, I pleaded and I explained, but nobody listened...until he started acting like Animal from The Muppets. It got even better when everybody had an explanation as to why he would act such a way...my family got very scientific at that point. "It's the red dye" "It's the sugar content" "You guys are all stupid" you know, the regular old family conversations about why a kid would go crazy after eating chocolate. I can't explain it, I just know how it's all going to end. Although I really didn't see myself dragging that little tub up the stairs like that.

Nonetheless, it's Easter, I guess it's time to celebrate chocolate bunnies or something like that so I gave in and let him have a few chocolate eggs.

...the rest I hid for my chocoholic self.

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