Taking it all for granted...

Sunday afternoons should never be taken for granted. Those moments where there is absolutely nothing on your itinerary, of course later the laundry and dinner preparations will be of most importance, but it can all wait. Life is so terribly short, and Sunday afternoons are perfect time to practice blowing that big, giant bubble - the biggest you have ever seen.
Sunday afternoons also are a great time to swing as high as you can on that old, dirty park swing. Swinging only high enough to feel those little butterflies in your tummy that make you close your eyes and focus only on the cool spring breeze on your face. Ah yes, Sunday afternoons are perfect for those kinds of things.
....reading back into my past, I can see that I took things for granted much too often:

Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
10:22 pm - Everything sucks...
I thought the nicer weather would really bring me out of my funk...it actually did the opposite. I want nothing more right now than have a moment to take Mason to the park and push him on the swing. I've been wanting to take him out for a very long time now, but it seems that when I ask anyone to come and sit with R. while I go, everybody is all of a sudden busy and has things to do. It's so nice to take the credit for helping out a person with cancer, but when the support is really needed everybody runs like I'm asking them to eat bugs or something. I've been asking myself a lot lately. Why am I here? What makes me stay in this place where everyday I have new issues to deal with. I'm scared to move on...that's the only thing that's keeping me here. I'm definitely not feeling the love around here right now, not that I want to, but I'm just tired of feeling so lonely. I heard on the news, a man that went into a school and shot his ex-wife and got sentenced to first degree murder gets to go out 3 hours a week to run errands. How did he get so lucky? I would love to be able to go out 3 hours a week and not worry about what's going on at home or worry about someone else's schedule. I'm really hurt about this whole situation, I'm hurt, and very angry. I just keep saying why why why why in my head. I'm probably a terrible person for feeling this way, but hey it's the truth.

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  1. That first piecture is priceless.

    Perhaps we ought to make a playdate sometime?!?