Opposite of Chick Flick...

What would you call a movie that is opposite of a chick flick? I'm looking for a catchy title..just can't think of it, maybe because my brain turned to mush from watching the Hotty McHotPants in Fast and Furious.

Total not chick flick, but totally turned it into one by undressing each and every dude in that film with my eyes...well except for the creepy/ugly/mean ones.
So then of course I get to drive home after this movie. You know drive in my little automatic 2.0 beetle with transmission problems.
So I'm all like look Benny, I'm gonna drive you all Fast and Furious like and you're gonna like it.
Benny's all like nope...ain't gonna do it.
So I'm all like BIIIIITCH you are so gonna speed me home
and Benny's all like go for it... *clunk* *thud* *WHEEEEE*
so I'm all like yeah, okay you win.
SOOOO no Fast and Furious for me...more like slow and sluggish with a lot of revving up too high at embarrassing moments. Benny so needs a tune up and I need to check my head....I'm a 27 year old mother for crying out loud...like I even need to drive fast, duh.

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