Mom....with a d**k

They say you can tell a lot about what a child is really feeling aby their art work. If this is the case, I'm in a lot of trouble.

I mean, it's great that he has learned how to draw people, that is a great milestone when it comes to art, but I do have a few questions.

1) Why am I the biggest person in this picture?
2) Why is my head the smallest?
3) Why is my neck so long?
4) Why is my face so angry?
5) Why do I have the biggest penis?

Note to self: This picture will be burned before we all get sent to the looney bin.

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  1. LOL It's ok, my 9 yr old son still hasn't figured out that girls don't have those.

  2. LOL Ok now I don't feel that bad ;) Ughhh...I don't even know when to break the news to him!!