I seriously need a brain!

I am a moron. I accept that, before this weekend I probably wouldn't agree with that statement, but after the events that occurred, I am willing to accept the fact that my brain just doesn't work properly.

So I bought a laptop bag, it was big, it was ugly and after testing it out I decided to bring it back and switch it up for a pretty little lady-like one. So I went to that big, giant store *ahem*Wal-mart, 330 Clarke Rd -burglars*ahem* and returned the bag. Somehow (see opening statement) I managed to leave my point and shoot camera in the side pocket of the bag. I called, I stormed in there and found the bag myself - the camera was gone. I honestly think someone that worked there spotted the camera in the side pocket and swiped it. I just can't imagine it made it back to the floor as I had the zipper partly open because the camera didn't fit in properly. My bad. It sucks. I hope someone enjoys the camera that I dropped on the ground. Now I need a new one. I can't afford a new one. I'm not bringing my SLR everywhere....SO expect a lot of grainy iPhone pics from me for a while now :(

Then on Sunday I lost my bank card. Really put a damper on the shopping trip when I had no bank card. Unfortunately every bank branch was closed so I was stuck with no money for groceries, gas, anything until I made it to the bank. I managed to sneak out to the bank this morning and they ended up giving me a card with a chip in it. The teller asked me if I ever used one of these before and I looked at her like she had an ugly purple shirt on (oh wait, she did). Apparently this little chip thing is more secure - but not accepted everywhere and mandatory...go figure. Just my luck.

I swear someone needs to hold my hand and control everything I do...this is crazy! I just have to wonder sometimes..what's next?? Actualy, don't answer that, I don't wanna know!

So how was YOUR weekend?

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  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your camera and your mind. :)

    But hey, excuse for a new third camera someday, and you get a new fancy chip card. It's probably not the same thing, but I love using the paypass on my credit card by just waving it at a machine.