He Gets That From Me...

If I had a quarter for every time someone told me how much Mason looks like me I would be totally rich. Like Hugh Heffner rich approaching on Donald Trump rich...I swear. I thought I should point out a few things he did inherit from his dad:

1) The eyebrows. Those are not mine.

2) The love for the outdoors. I get grumpy outside.

3) The love of fishing. Too bad I don't know how to get a fish off a hook without girly screaming.
...except when he falls in and the "quicksand" makes it hard for mommy (who is laughing hysterically) to get him out, then he is SO not cool with fishing.

4)The love of all of the creepy crawlies that invade our space

But he does get this from me....

The Pout!!! I'm so proud.

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  1. I get grumpy outside too! I'd much rather stay indoors.

    Love the photos, the last is priceless!

  2. Too bad someone didn't catch a video of you wrangling the snake...too funny!!!

  3. I wish someone would have caught it on video too! It would have been AFV material....I swear ;)