Good-bye Bus...

As much as I love taking the bus, I am going to have to say goodbye.

Goodbye outrageous fares.
Goodbye perverted drivers.
Goodbye mean drivers.
Goodbye smellies.
Goodbye crazies.
Goodbye people who poop their pants on the bus (oh trust me, it happened).
Goodbye hot bus driver :(

That being said....
Hello gas station.
Hello calling people "dog shit" when they cut me off.
Hello trying to obey the speed limit.
Hello cruising with the windows rolled down.
Hello to singing all by myself in the car.
Hello being on time and not having to wait out in the snow for the bus.

I did it!! Imagine that, I passed my driver's test and now I can do whatever I want. It's amazing, I was very lucky to have a only semi-mean evaluator, but it didn't matter because I rocked that parallel parking like mad. Wow this opens up a whole other chapter in my life. Next step...learn how to pump gas :/

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  1. Congrats on passing your drivers test.

  2. I once watched a guy rip the ass out of his pants when he stood up, so I can believe the poop and popping button on the bus. Congratulations!