Death of a Neighbour...

I got the call at 12:30am on Sunday night. It just had to be that way, of course, I mean I couldn't have imagined getting the news any other way than me getting dragged out of bed, stubbing my toe on every toy and stepping on every Hot Wheel all the way to the phone. When I saw the number I got aggravated and went back to bed without answering.

Yes it was the crazies, errr..crazy (singular) now because she had called to tell me that her husband had passed away earlier that day, and yet she somehow felt compelled to tell me this at 12:30am on a work night, but as I said, I don't know why I would have expected anything different, everything is well...crazy.

The next morning when I got the message, all of a sudden the crazy became something else.

She became someone I am very familiar with.
Someone who just doesn't know what to do.
Someone who has to pick out a suit for her loved one to wear....forever.
Someone who is dying to know why this happened to them.
Someone who is wondering who will show up to the funeral.
Someone who wished she didn't have to go to the funeral.
Someone who wondered how she could raise a son all on her own.
Someone who doesn't think she can make it.
Someone who spent way too much on funeral flowers and who really didn't expect such a huge expense...they are flowers...WTF?

I'm not angry anymore. I'm understanding.
I'm not annoyed. I'm compassionate.
The little things don't matter anymore...and I hope they never will again.

RIP Bob. You were a funny bastard...and I mean that in the best of ways...I swear.

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