All About Driving Music...

What does your driving music say about you?

Are you the person who listens to Celine Dion, singing along all the while bawling your eyes out.

Do you rap out with T.I or Eminem, rev up the engine with your arm hanging out the window and bobbing your head along.

Have you reenacted the Bohemian Rhapsody scene from Wayne's World lately?

When I was a kid I would play in the front seat of my mom's Volkswagen Rabbit and pretend I was Wayne from Wayne's World. My friend Trish was Garth...I'm sure she would love to read this now, but she totally is Garth, for no reason really other than I was a little bossy and had a hissy fit if I didn't get my own way, and even though I was the one who wore the big glasses...she was always Garth.

My point is, I always had driving music...there is always driving music, otherwise it just gets boring. I am literally a new driver...I've been driving on my own since Wednesday, but for some reason I just can't find the right music. It could be that I am deathly afraid to take my eyes off the road, I mean I'm sure that man didn't like me very much when I almost collided with him head on yesterday. So I figure why give myself another reason to take my eyes off the road. Problem is, my iPod is full of all types of music, and nothing is more embarrassing than head banging along with Metallica and then have Jesus Take the Wheel come blaring on right afterwards.

I decided this warranted a little research, you see because this is just one of the things that makes my brain go crazy, so I turned to my friend Rolling Stone Magazine. Which in turn only made me realize that my taste in music totally sucks, or that Rolling Stone is a cruel joke because I haven't even heard many of those songs before.

So what is your driving theme song?

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  1. My driving theme song? Like, when I'm high-balling down the freeway? That'd be "Smells like Teen Spirt" by Nirvana - kicks everything!