Up Yours Naughty Step...

After a particularly hard day at work, Mason decided to throw one of his ridiculous 5-year-old tantrums at the wrong time. When does this stop, because it's getting old pretty quickly. The other day it was because he didn't want to wear a green shirt and today it was because he wanted to go to "Nana's" house. I mean, I have tantrums too, but they are just more acceptable when you don't throw yourself on the ground and kick your mother.

Fed up with his behaviour, I quickly picked the first technique I could think of. Of course I thought of Supernanny because my child had turned into Mr. Hyde at this point and was chasing me with a clenched fist so I figured it was time to do something.

Naughty step was my choice. What a mistake! He was sentenced to 5 minutes on the naughty step and each time he got up the timer reset. That was the longest hour of my life. Not only that, but when it was finally time to get off the naughty step (and I was so relieved we could get on with our night), he decided he was not coming off the naughty step.

The problem with him is stubbornness. His father was very stubborn, I guess I can be a little stubborn, not a very good combination and I guess the poor kid got a mix of both our stubbornnidity (yes I just made that word up - or was it already a word?)

After a while when he was ready he came off the naughty step, but why did I still feel like I lost that battle?

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  1. AS they get older the problems don't disappear they just become bigger... asking to borrow $$$, loser boyfriends/girlfriends...etc