Tuesday Toot: March 10, 2009

Today's toot *hehe* would have to be that I have finally named my beautiful little car. I like to name things...computers etc...My home computer is Gayle, work computer is Gloria, laptop is nameless and my car is now named...
I excitedly told my co-workers about the name of my beautiful little car that I drove for the first time yesterday when I dropped it off at the shop. Shortly after I named my beautiful, silver, metal piece of handcrafted art (er....car), I got the phone call. Benny was in need of $832 of repairs. Hmff. So much for the super-awesome "Benny and the Jets" name...now I just call him "Money Pit"....it's still SOOOO cute though!! 

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  1. I thought you just bought it...did it come with a bumper to bumper warranty???

  2. Thanks! I went and bought it as is for $1000 cheaper than the asking price. Now with the $800 repair bill..I'm still saving almost $200...but it's so hard to spend so much to repair things that I didn't break! lol

  3. Wow, you wouldn't want to know what I call my "little car" & it's new too! Sometimes I wish I had my older one again! Like your Tuesday Toot! I have one up too!