They've Created a Monster...

I'm such a proud mother, my child was on the news and it was for a good cause, which was surprising to me because I always thought the children I raised would be on the news for robbing a bank or streaking through an old age home...regardless...he is a star!

Such a great thing, his 2 seconds of fame (believe me, I counted) but he thinks this is the greatest accomplshment ever. In fact, I'm pretty sure he's in his room right now packing up to move to Hollywood. He actually even asked me if I would put this video on for him while he fell asleep.

PS - Had I of known they were filming today, I would have forced him to get that haircut last night.

PPS - Had I of known he would have been dressed in a tuxedo and would have had a bath the night before :/ oops.

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  1. You will let us know when he departs so we can throw a farewell party, right?!?