Small Talk Six: March 14, 2009

This week's topic: "6 things you love that are green":

1. Izzy - My super-awesome chameleon friend who just recently learned how to drink out of a water dish. I am so proud of her...even though she looks like a total dork when she does it.

2. Turtles - ...but only cute non-smelly ones. I have a pet turtle, and she's a bit smelly but still pretty cute so it all evens out.

3. Sour Skittles (but especially the green ones!) - I'm not even sure what they are suposed to taste like since they burn the taste buds off of your tongue but they are sooo worth it!

4. Not this guy!

4. Kermit The Frog - Kermit all the way, down with Miss Piggy!

5. Four-leaf clovers - I have yet to find one in real life. I have met people who have...damn you lucky people. I bought one this one time at a variety store. It was embedded in a key chain. I was so caught up in the hype that I bought a lottery ticket at the same time. I ended up winning enough to cover the cost of the key chain

6. Brussels Sprouts - So strange that I love these things so much, but I tell ya once you eat one you just can't stop (and no, I'm not kidding!)

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  1. I love "true" Chameleons! Their eyes are so cool! Brussel for me but my family loves them.

  2. Mmmmm.... I LOVE BRUSSEL SPROUTS also.

  3. now I want brussel sprouts...everytime I see the pic of them I put up...yummm.