This is what I'm dealing with today, rosy cheeks, blood shot eyes and a cough that you could easily mistake for a dying dog.

Staying home has it's advantages. Today I learned that PBS now accepts car donations (Wha?) and that that dude on Maury was NOT the daddy, even though I was so sure he was and that so and so slept with so and so on Days of our Lives and so and so got amnesia (I don't even pay attention to their names anymore)...but I have to say it's not as nice as I thought it would be.

First of all, the king is sick and of course he is a male so he is so sick that he cannot do anything for himself. Hey, I don't mind waiting on a sick baby, that's what a mom does, but when the king starts making demands for strawberries and oranges with chicken noodle soup, that's when I start to get a little stressed. Explaining to the sick king that we have no strawberries left was like explaining to him that I accidentally killed his hamster (no, that didn't really happen, close call though :/ ). I thought he was going to whip his half eaten, seeded orange at my head. Even the fact that it was a seeded orange just pissed him off royally. Do not mess with the sick king!

At that point I had already had the scare of my life when my high-tech thermometer crapped out. I guess it was time since the thing is as old as Mason (which is a long time in electronic years I guess) because it started reading his temp as 104.8, which in turn sent me into a panic, checking his temp over and over and checking mine to compare. Luckily I found a cheaper, older digital thermometer that still worked like a charm (take that piece of crap thermometer!) and his temp was only 101.8 under his armpit...while he was in the tub so I'm not even sure if that was accurate. All I knew at this point was that I felt useless as a mother. I have been working full-time since 2006 (almost 3 years now!) and every time we spend an entire day together I feel like I'm not the best at this mother stuff. I don't know if I'm alone in this one, but when I found out he had a fever, I panicked. I did not have a clue what to do. I mean, he gets sick every once in a while, a lot of the time his grandmother takes him when he's sick so I can still work, so I really never know what to do when he is this sick. He is just miserable and I am feeling pretty bad at this point about what to do when he is sick.

Another thing about staying home all day is the noise. Every little noise makes my ears perk up and I have to investigate it. I don't know if I never notice this stuff at night because I'm so tired or because everybody is home and loud, but during the day you hear everything. To make matters worse, I am still worried about my car. My neighbour made me pull it further up the driveway (and I was totally completely on my side anyway - but tired of arguing). So I pulled it up and now I can't see it, and to make matters worse their house is like bloody Grand Central Station...people in and out all the time, and they all walk by my car. Every time I hear somebody coming up the driveway I watch them like a guard dog. The car has an alarm, I shouldn't worry so much, but I just about had a heart attack when the one dude was taking out their garbage and almost hit my car with the garbage can. I pictured myself running out in my housecoat and leaping on him until he gave me money to fix the car.

Staying home makes me a psycho. I wonder how I ever managed to do this before

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  1. I was the first way when I got a new car. Eventually you just gotta let go and stop caring if someone hits it with a garbage can.

    (but read about my paranoia if you wanna fuel your own :)

  2. Oh man your neighbours sound like real treats too!! Tell me, did you move or did they move? I hope so!

    Tonight when I got home from the movies and my friend was dropping me off, crazy lady watched me as they pulled into the driveway and I told my friend to watch as I got out of the car because I knew she was going to come to the door to act like she casually ran into me so she could bitch about something.

    Well I ran out of the car and up to the house so she couldn't catch up with me to try and talk (haha!). I called the landlord and they told me I can park wherever I want. My next step is to call the ambulance company (just have to find out who??) and ask them where they would pull up if they were to come...I would think they would just stop in front, I mean if it's an emergency would you really waste time backing into a driveway? These people have a wheelchair accesible ramp (which takes up their side) so I really don't think it's much trouble for the paramedics to walk a few extra steps? Either way, I'm going to call and then as soon as the car is safetied and plated I'm parking wherever I want.

  3. I'm actually very paranoid too. I'm constantly checking out the windows when I hear noises.

  4. I hope your sick king feels better soon. Don't worry too much about not knowing what to do when he's sick. I'm the same way. As soon as she gets the sniffles I go into full panic mode. *hugs* It'll all be okay! =)