One Minute Writer: Tales

Tell a story that has been passed down through your family. (If you do not have a biological family, tell any story you remember hearing as a child.) I'm not good at this one minute writing thing because once I start I just can't stop sometimes! Anyways, today's topic was tell a tale that has been passed down. Unfortunately I cannot just think of one, it's impossible. About 80% of the tales passed down in my family involved my grandfather, or pa, spud or per to some. That's his hand grabbing me in the picture up there. Unfortunately he wasn't a very photographed person (picture Freddy Krueger - and I say that lovingly, I swear), nor was he liked very much (which could explain the lack of pics) because he was mean, rude and well a pervert.

One of those tales that always gave me a giggle was the one about my old "Pa" and his lawn chair. You see, Pa was an avid junk collector. He would scour the neighbourhood for any piece of junk that fancied his likings...old lawn mowers and lawn chairs were gold to him. One day an old aunt of ours (I wish I could remember her name) who was unfortunately paralyzed on one side of her body after having a stroke, came over to visit (probably to visit my Grandma because she was lovely - unlike Pa who was rude and crude). This poor old aunt decided to sit upon one of Pa's dumpster dive lawn chairs and well, she took a little tumble as the chair fell apart completely.

Pa ran over to help her....or so everybody thought, in fact he was devastated about his lawn chair. He picked the lawn chair up, and some swear they even saw a tear in his eye over this piece of ...well trash. He stomped off to his workshop with chair pieces in hand, leaving poor old auntie on the ground to fend for herself. I'm sure there were some f-bombs and name callings in those few moments as well.

I know it's terrible to laugh at such a thing, but that story always gave me a giggle. Maybe I'm a bit sinister, but I always sided with my Pa - he was my homeboy!

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