The Oldies

These playsets were Goodwill finds. I had the same ones (or very similar) when I was a kid. These were for the original Little People way back when. Let's date these a little shall we...I'm *cough* 27-soon-to-be-28 *cough* and I had these when I was around Mason's age...those are some old toys right there! I'm sure they could pinch little fingers somehow or may even contain a speck of lead paint or so but I survived so I guess he will too!
I even found some of the little people that go with this set. There is a movie theatre, a barber shop and an ice cream parlor in these sets with little "seats" for the people - M. would much rather use his cars as the people. He thinks Little People are for girls...but their play sets are pretty awesome.

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  1. Was just reading through your blog. You're not much older than my oldest daughter. But you've been through so much. You seem like a great parent. Your son is very lucky.