Missing my safety net...

A good friend (wait, is there such thing as a bad friend really? Because I mean if they piss you off somehow are they really a friend?). Anyway, as I was saying, a good friend of mine asked me what the worst thing about being a single parent is. I looked her straight in the face and said.. "the lack of sex"No seriously, I am totally kidding (and blushing now too - you know it!).

First of all, I really don't usually classified myself as a single mother. Single mothers are great, very awesome people who are so powerful and do not show any fear. I'm terrified. I'm the kind of mother who second-guesses every decision made. Single mothers (and fathers) just do it because they have to - I cry about it until I absolutely have to. I'm a wimp, I'm emotionally weak and I sometimes usually don't make the right decision.

So to answer that question, what is the worst thing about being a single parent? It would have to be my lack of "safety net". I mean my iPhone does a pretty good job of it...kidding again, but seriously, being a single parent, the thing I miss the most is having someone here to help me make decisions. Decisions like the ones that will turn our son into a great man. I mean making decisions on little things would be great help too, you know things like:
  • Is this apartment in a bad neighbourhood?

  • How do you make lasagna?

  • Do these jeans make my ass look big?

  • Is that transformers t-shirt going to make him get his ass kicked at daycare?
The little things are important too you know, and I miss having someone there to nudge me in the right direction. Oh how I hated it at the time. I remember going out to the mall with my friend and pouting because R. wouldn't let me spend money on a dog sweater or a super-awesome fish tank. Now that I can make these decisions on my own, it's so much harder to convince myself I do not need to buy a dog sweater (we don't even have a dog - hello!) or that the fish tank can wait.
So it is true, I am not a decisive person. I hate having all the responsibility and I like to have someone to tell me what is right (so I can argue with them about it and convince myself that I do need a dog sweater and buy it anyway).
...but I do gotta say, the best part of being a single parent is

...I always get the first and last kiss goodnight.

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  1. Aww. It may not seem like it from your end, but what you're doing is incredible. Even if you don't always make the right decisions, you're still making them, holding two lives together without complete chaos. That's more than many parents - single or otherwise - can say. So yeah, much respect.