Luv my V-Dub...

My "beetle car" (Mason's definition of the shiny silver thing in my driveway) is home! So shiny and so apparently in my neighbour's way  :(
...I mean who could not love such a perfect piece of craftsmanship...especially one that comes with a super-awesome "James Bond" key.
I know Mason is in love....
I had to pry him off with the broom shortly after this pic.

To make myself extraordinarily dorky, I must tell you how I drove it up and down my driveway a few times trying to get it parked in the perfect spot until my neighbour who shares the driveway (who does not own a vehicle, mind you) told me it needed to be moved because it was in the way of her home nurses who come to see her husband.

Picture picture me with steam coming out of my ears. I mean I'm a nice enough person and I'm pretty understanding, but this woman drives me absolutely bat-shit. I seriously want to move over her dumbass antics. My next move is to separate the driveway somehow with some kind of border or big yellow line or something so she can take her non-existent car and shove it up her rear. I ended up having to move the car up right beside the house and had to pry myself out. Like hell will I be doing that everyday.

Luxury apartment is looking nicer and nicer at this point.

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  1. sidewalk chalk! draw a nice line with that so she can see where you are allowed to park

  2. Ooooh such a great car! It may not be very masculine, but I totally want one.

    Haha the chalk is a great idea for passive aggressive revenge.

  3. Ooh I like the passive agresive thing...I think my temper is a little beyond that now though. I'm ready to tell her to F-off LOL

  4. Love the new buggy! I have to agree with the sidewalk chalk.