In a few short hours..

I will be attending the New Kids on the Block concert! I haven't been to a NKOTB concert since I was like...I don't even know, 7 or 8? Anyway I was a HUGE fan back then. I luuurved Jonathan, but only because my cousins loved all the other guys (except Danny...nobody wanted to love him). Apparently now he's a gay real-estate agent...but oh well that's cool I guess.

I remember we took a limo from London to the Skydome (now the Rogers Centre) and people were banging on our windows and stuff because they thought we were NKOTB - or maybe that didn't happen but I seem to remember that for some reason.

We went with my neighbours who were the awesomestly coolest parents...ever. We went the back of their big giant monster truck singing along to MC Hammer...we were rockin'. They were the coolest and they would totally let us hang at their house until it was really really dark out. They let us go to see monster truck shows with them, let us observe the neighbours fighting and even allowed their son to have a camp out in the backyard the same night I had a camp out in my backyard for my 13th birthday party - which actually turned out to be a pretty bad decision because I ended up having a hissy fit and locked all my guests out of my house. Ahh to be 13 again, but that is a whole other story.

Anyway, I'm going to see these old dudes perform again...probably almost 20 years cool is THAT!?

So in honor of my excitement, and boredom of waiting for my super-awesome NKOTB friends to arrive I made a little video of how I think I will react to hearing their music again...

...but of course, I will never be as good at singing at this guy:

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  1. Hi Nikki,
    I was a huge fan also. Can't believe that they come out and sing again? Ya you were right, it was such a looooong time ago. Boy! they were every kid's idols, don't you think so? Well, my fave is Jordan. What is he doing now?