The Fine Art of Skiing (aka - why I hate skiing)...

I am Canadian. We have snow on the ground for 80% of the year - okay maybe that is exaggerating a little, but we really do see a lot of snow. Most Canadians love them some snow. Snowmobiling, skating, snow shoeing, ice fishing, tobogganing, dog sledding, igloo name it, if it has to do with snow, most people here LOVE it.

I am not one of those people. In fact, I loathe the snow. I absolutely hate snow, ice, sleet, hail...anything cold and wet is not cool. Even more than snow itself, I hate skiing. Mind you, I have never been skiing, which probably seems to make me an uninformed idiot, but hear me out.

I do not need to strap two wooden planks to my feet in the -28 degree weather and toss myself down a hill where I most likely will end up either glued to a tree or with some sort of broken limb to know that it is not a good idea. I know full well that doing such activity will either a) harm me or b) give my feet that burny feeling, you know the one you get when you take off ice skates (hate that!).

The more I hear about skiing deaths on the news, the more I have to wonder what is attracting people to such an awful sport? It seems like this year alone has been particularly bad for skiing accidents and the more I hear about it the more I remind myself how I will never go skiing and even how Mason will never be allowed to go. I'll be like the crazy mother in Carrie "they're all gonna laugh at you....they're all gonna laugh at you...". Okay, not really but still.

Not convinced? Check out these famous people who have died in skiing accidents:

Sonny Bono - Adorable little hippy man of Sonny and Cher died January 5, 1998 while skiing in Nevada. Cher gave the most beautiful eulogy I had ever heard in my life...very sad.

Michael Kennedy - Nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy. Died in Aspen after hitting a tree while playing football while skiing.

Michel Trudeau - Son of the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Killed in an avalanche while skiing in Vancouver.

I just can't help but wonder how skiing even began. I mean what fool strapped two planks of wood on a hill and decided that thrusting yourself over a mountain would be fun? Maybe the village idiot was paid to do it as a dare...who knows, all I know is that you will never ever see me on a pair of skis.

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