Do you let the bubbles melt?

Since I am the awesomest/nicest mom around, Mason was treated to an Aero bar today. We had such a fun day and even though chocolate makes him go nutso and the fact that he has a dentist visit come up, I said aw screw it, they're his baby teeth...they fall out anyway (kidding! I promise I didn't say that!!).
So we were sitting out on the front porch enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a perfect ending to a wonderful weekend and that is when I noticed something oh so wrong.
I turned my head to witness my child eating his Aero bar like this....

I was horrified!! I mean, they make those little perforated bars for a reason...USE THEM!!! You are supposed to break off each little square (or a whole row if you're feeling a little anxious or if it's that time of the month), put it on your tongue and let the bubbles melt. You are NOT supposed to mow down on the whole bar, removing the wrapper in its entirety, dropping the chocolate goodness on the floor, picking up some lint after you retrieve it from the cold pavement (5 second rule totally applied here).
I just don't get it...where would he get this from. Now I have to teach him to ride a two-wheeler all over again, write words other than the ones that go in his name, how to not pee on the toilet seat AND how to eat an Aero bar. It's gonna be a long year.

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  1. I admit I have NEVER seen an aero bar eaten that way....jeessshhh

  2. How can that child live with himself?? seriously! that is sacreligious!

  3. Shoot me but I've never heard of an Aero bar.

  4. EEEK you have to try Aero! So yummy!

    It's like eating a kit-kat without breaking them apart first...weird!