The Big Race...

On your mark.

Get set.


I take off running. The cold morning air stings my cheeks as I run. Faster. Faster. My lungs start to burn after a short sprint. I'm running as fast as I possibly can - but he is still faster. I still feel like I have a chance to win this thing so I push myself to run faster - but my body just isn't meant to go that fast.

Almost ready to give up, "Your shoes make you so fast!" I call out breathlessly. He turns his head over his shoulder and yells "I know! Lightning McQueen is fast". Not really the answer I expected, but the thought leaves my mind as fast as it appeared. I was in this to win it, there was no time to think, only time for racing.

We run past dog poop and I pray that neither of us fall in it, remembering that one time in grade 8 at the Royal Winter Fair. We run over puddles, through the park and by the homeless man resting on the bench. We jog past the geese fighting in the flooded river and up a hill. We ran and ran until I just couldn't run any more.

...and that is when I realize that my 5 year old can out run me in a race. What he didn't realize was that I initiated a race to distract him from wanting to stay home from daycare today - and it worked!

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  1. I hear you hon. My daughter can out WALK me at this point.