So this has been a really interesting week for me. I cant even begin to explain the feelings I went through (mostly anger) that made me feel more grown up.

You see, Benny the car has been giving me some trouble. The car that I haven't even driven before this week had a few little "safety issues" to fix before I could get some license plates. No big insane amount of money later or what I might have referred to as my big screen tv, and Benny now is plated and back home safe and sound in my driveway.

Being home safe in my driveway was a huge deal for me and I will tell you why. On Wednesday I was taking the looser cruiser (aka bus) to work, I was super-excited to see my car which should have been parked at the mechanics which was on the bus route. Imagine my excitement when we came around that corner, but then imagine how that excitement turned into pure terror when the car was not there.

The work had already been done the day before so there was no reason for the car to be missing. I quickly got off the bus to inspect the now empty parking spot where my car used to be. I felt so lost, insanely lost! There were police cars all over the place, and my mind started racing. "what if someone shot a bullet through one of my windows and the police took the car away", "what if the mechanic fell in love with my car and drove it to Mexico to drive off a cliff Thelma and Louise style?" (and yes those were serious thoughts - welcome to my mind, hang on it's a crazy ride!).

I just stood there in the empty spot probably looking pretty dumbfounded. I peeked in the windows of the shop and didn't see a thing, the mechanic was missing, there were no tire marks or anything - but where was my car??

I had to leave, it was freezing out and I'm pretty sure my hands got frost bitten from all the frantic calls I was making. A couple minutes after I got to work and defrosted at my desk I got a phone call....and of course right away I thought it would be the police telling me how my car was stolen or something. Luckily it was the mechanic - who proceeded to tell me every little thing he did that morning. I finally interrupted him after he told me about his bowl of Shredded Wheat with a hair in it to beg of him to tell me the whereabouts of my car. "Silly girl, I put car in shop because bums break in my cars to sleep in them". Oh...good enough. Now I just felt stupid.

So long story, semi-shortened, the car was safe, it cost me my big screen TV fund to have it safetied, e-tested and plated. I was so excited to go down to the licensing office this morning. I was there bright and early and greeted the grumpy office workers with my early morning goofy grin. I had all my paperwork, I knew what I was there for and I had was a good day, and then she handed me my new plates. BEWS. My plates say BEWS (aka - booze!). I mean not that I ever plan to drink and drive, but if I ever did and got caught they would print in the newspaper "and her license plates said BEWS" or what if people think I picked that myself? I mean sure I like to indulge in a few lot of drinks every now and then. I guess I'm just a little disappointed that they didn't say something cool like AWSM or COOL or CUTY. Bews it is, make sure you wave if you see me...or buy me a drink cuz I think that's going to be my new trademark now.

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