Tuesday Toot: Kindergarden

What was my biggest accomplishment today?
Registering Mason for Kindergarden. School...for this September *gulp*
That was HARD. This is my baby we're talking about here. The same little guy who told me a boy in his daycare class was a big bastard....the same little guy who plays "muscle fights" with his toy wrestlers (who have some pretty colourful language themselves). My child whose grandmother told him to hit people in the face if they are mean to him. I can sense a suspension in his future somewhere.

Not to mention the fact that the secretary of the school recognized his last name and asked if he was related to his cousin...I had to admit it...I'm still not sure if that was a good thing.

So let's look at the positives to this all. It is a really great school which is very involved in the community. In fact, this is the same school I went to from grades 2-7 and some of my best memories are of this school...and to brag a little bit more, a painting my class did is still hanging in the school. I remembered the part I painted...the orange shoes. I was so creative. Orange shoes in the early
90's..who would have thought?

Now the next step is to make sure he gets accepted to the new daycare for before/after school care or I am going to have a pretty miserable year of missing my lunch everyday to pick up my kid at school to drop him off at daycare - not convenient at all.

Another good thing...bring on the back to school shopping!!!

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